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Fun. Sassy. A little risqué. Shari Jenkins is delighted to have her work described this way. This Montana-raised cowgirl is a self-taught digital collage artist, and her work speaks to vibrant, fun-loving women with attitude–sound familiar? Women LOVE her wit and cheeky response to the roller-coaster of life. Shari’s designs layer antique photos with flowers, vintage buttons, jewelry, door knobs–the ephemera of daily life. There is so much to discover in every design. By incorporating these into popular ‘girlfriend’ gifts like make-up bags, trays, plaques, pill boxes and the like, we encourage impulse sales, and multiple purchase… because each Shari Jenkins creation is perfect for a different friend!


What’s Trending for Spring 2017?

Why did we pick these great pieces, all found in our Spring 2017 catalog, to star in our recent retailer eblast? Because they all represent the top trends that your customers will be looking for. They’re easy to wear, offer an instant splash of style and smiles, and…they fit!

Yes, fringe is still our fave! Here, you see it on easy-wearing cross body bags. Note the colors–these neutrals look cool and chic after deep winter colors. The surprise details are the clasps and trim.

Scarves are a woman’s go-to wardrobe essential: they’re mood-changers and style boosters. We love the tribal/global weave and impact of the black/white story here, while the popular bird motif isn’t just trending in home decor. It looks feminine, soft and yet chic too.

Watches are back for spring, even if you don’t rely on them to tell time anymore. This subtle neutral is accented with multi banding and important textures. And the jewelry….clean and delicate, not fussy or dainty. Mix polished stones and metals for an updated vintage vibe that’s right off the runway.

Most Wanted

Who’s your Family?

No matter how a family shifts, grows and changes, we know that it is still the glue that keeps our feet on the ground and lifts up our spirits. Extended families, single parent families, nurses, friends who are like siblings: despite (or maybe because of) the challenges and re-thinks in modern society, families still want to say, “This is what we think a family is. Let’s celebrate us!”
We’ve created gifts that let your customers do just that, in themes that are as diverse as a family. Some shoppers love to laugh at their own craziness. Some want to honor their roots. Some want to look forward with hope. Some are just starting out; some are shrinking.
There’s no one time or season to celebrate family; these are popular right through the year. We incorporate current trends and themes into our collections, because these pieces are designed to be on display, in homes, offices and dorms.
Our definition of family may change; our love of it never does.

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‘WE DO!’

We love a wedding, and have always carried great bridal gifts and accessories. But for 2017, we have created several amazing new lines, each special, each with a different vibe.
How do we begin? Like any happy couple, with a vision.
Airy, fresh, a wash of modern romance, our Watercolor Wedding series is designed in 2 color palettes that work together or stand alone. Sweet and pretty pieces appeal to a wide range of ages, and work with most color themes.
Love’s Garden is a casual and joyful mix of rustic, handcrafted and bright florals–again, in 2 key colors that mix and match and add bright accents to more timeless wedding looks.
After the design themes are presented, discussed and approved, the work begins to translate concept to reality–just like every couple starts designing their wedding day.
It’s kinda cool to see how our new designs ‘bloom’ and evolve–take a look!

hedgehog kids


Woodland themes are hugely popular for nurseries and kids’ rooms, combining a love of the outdoors with a whimsy that’s the heart of childhood. And hedgehogs are the most endearing little critters to waddle into the nursery decor trend!
We interpret the motif in a gentle mix of soft tones including pinks and blues, because the friendly hedgehog face is a favorite of girls and boys. We especially love the ultra soft plush blanket our designers have created, with a soft and fluffy lining that kids can’t stop hugging. Tiny multicolor hedgehogs march across dishes, sleepwear and a sweet tutu diaper shirt that gets lots of “oohs”! Solid-color play mats, slippers and plush add pop to the presentation and let you mix and match.
This is a theme with staying power, and we encourage you to embrace it–which you can’t do with the real thing!