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‘WE DO!’

We love a wedding, and have always carried great bridal gifts and accessories. But for 2017, we have created several amazing new lines, each special, each with a different vibe.
How do we begin? Like any happy couple, with a vision.
Airy, fresh, a wash of modern romance, our Watercolor Wedding series is designed in 2 color palettes that work together or stand alone. Sweet and pretty pieces appeal to a wide range of ages, and work with most color themes.
Love’s Garden is a casual and joyful mix of rustic, handcrafted and bright florals–again, in 2 key colors that mix and match and add bright accents to more timeless wedding looks.
After the design themes are presented, discussed and approved, the work begins to translate concept to reality–just like every couple starts designing their wedding day.
It’s kinda cool to see how our new designs ‘bloom’ and evolve–take a look!

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